A break before the summer holidays

Animated Leprechaun on his lounge chair at Fantassia amusement park

The Fantassia amusement park is taking a break after Pentecost on this Monday, May the 20th. The Fantassia leisure park team also closes the gates in June.

A short break

Bank holidays are over, summer is not far away. It’s closing time, at the end of May and throughout June, for the Fantassia leisure park.
This is the first time for the park team. In fact, we have never had such a long break before the season. Usually, we don’t close Fantassia doors in June. Indeed, the other years, we were open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays while waiting for the summer visitors of July and August. It is clear that, outside of school holiday periods, attendance is not there.
Therefore, with nostalgia but wisdom, we punctually close the doors of the enchanted kingdom. We are pressing the pause button, hoping not to disappoint some of you.

Pictures of pirates and mermaids at the lost island attraction, Fantassia theme park

July and August are there

During this brief break, we are taking the opportunity to finalize our renovations, especially in terms of the decorations of the Fantassia leisure park. A good month is coming up and gives us time to repaint certain figurines or, quite simply, to take a breath before heading into the high season. And yes, when July 6 comes and until August 30, we will welcome our biggest dreamers, 7 days a week, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.! We even invit you to come with your lunch, we have some nice areas in the park for the picnic to extend the magic, to enjoy the moment.
Come on, don’t worry, a month isn’t long.
See you soon,…

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