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How can we help you? The Fantassia theme park team answers your frequently asked questions.
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Fantassia park asked questions

The first of the frequently asked questions.

Fantassia is the attractions park of imagination and dreams for the whole family. In fact, it is a zen walk, shaded and soundtracked to discover a wonderful and enchanting world. Thus, accompany your children, then fall back into childhood and solve puzzles and observation games. And above all, let yourself be surprised so that the magic works!

It is not a question of age but a question of state of mind. So, if the dream, the magic and the unexpected attract you, do not hesitate to visit us.


Regarding guided tours, the answer is no we do not. Indeed, the visit is free. Nevertheless, there is a sense of visit.
Regarding the kids entertainments, they remain very punctual and are however specified on our Facebook page.

The visit lasts approximately 1h30 to 2 hours, depending on your interest in the park and the age of the children. Thus, the older the children are, greater is the interest in the park. Indeed, the ideal age group is 7-11 years old.

In fact, we do not organize a guided tour.
To find out the specific group rates, consult our group rates page.

How to pay at fantassia park

You can pay in cash, credit card or ANCV holiday vouchers.

You can pay by ANCV holiday vouchers for all the services offered in the park (ticketing, souvenirs, etc.). Please note that we do not give change on holiday vouchers. This is why the supplement must be paid in cash or by credit card (accepted from €15).

Accessibility to Fantassia theme park

In fact, it’s still a bit complicated.
Indeed, the park is located 5 km south of Perpignan in the Pyrenees Orientales and the bus lines serving the park are few.
However, we invite you to consult the timetables on the General Council’s bus network website.

Sure. The Fantassia attractions park is fully accessible to people with motor, hearing and mental disabilities. Indeed, the management has made every effort to ensure maximum comfort during your visit: adapted toilet, parking spaces and paths in stabilized surfaces. Moreover, all the park attractions have been designed to allow wheelchair access.

With regard to stroller accessibility, the park and its attractions have been designed to allow wheelchair access for the disabled. Therefore, access is perfect with a stroller.

Of course, mom forgot the camera and asks dad to run to the car to get it! From there, problem? Well, no problem!!! Dad will be able to go out to carry out his mission and join back his little family. This outing can also be done to pick up a cooler, a packed lunch or anything forgotten..

Unfortunately, for safety and hygiene reasons, our animal friends are not allowed inside the park. Exception made, the entry of an animal on presentation of a card linking it to the handicap (eg guide dog) will be admitted.

To eat at Fantassia Park

Regarding catering, there is no hot spot or other in the park. However, do not hesitate to bring your lunch in order to extend your day of relaxation. You will have at your disposal shaded and soundproofed picnic areas.
Otherwise, you will be able to warm the feeding bottle of the little ones. Indeed, we have a microwave in the reception area.

Fantassia attractions park Shop

First, we do not offer an online store. Second, we also do not sell product by mail order.

Finally, the last frequently asked question.
Of course, the shop is free to access during park opening hours.