Dragon's lair

Dragon's lair

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Do you dare to venture into the dragon’s lair, the latest attraction in Fantassia Park…

Grrrrrr… in Fantassia park

The magical people of Fantassia unearthed a priceless gem while digging into the bowels of the earth. Watch out for the dragon watching you ! Precious stones, crowns of kings and princesses in olden days, jewels, mountain of gold, etc. Certainly, who would not be tempted to touch it? However, woe to anyone who dares to steal this loot from the dragon’s lair, another unique attraction at Fantassia Park!

Pictures of dragon, fairy and treasure chest, dragon's lair attraction at Fantassia park
Animated dragon at the dragon's lair attraction at fantassia

Where can I see him in the park ?

Location map of the dragon's lair attraction, Fantassia leisure park

Stay curious

Once again, the attraction was born from the hands of passionate creators of the Fantassia park, located near Perpignan (66) in Occitanie. For example, our dragon was made from scratch. From then on, it will come to life in Aude’s hands. First, a few sketches on paper. Then, little by little, it will take concrete form with wire mesh, newspaper, resin. Finally, painting will be the final touch.

Creation of the dragon's lair attraction at Fantassia theme park

The sea dragon

Sea dragon looking like a dragon
Copyright : Sylke Rohrlach, Sydney

Did you know that ?

Dracology or dragonology refers to the study of the dragons of myths and legends. So, would dragons have existed?
There is no scientific evidence of the existence of fire-breathing dragons as seen in fantasy films. On the other hand, animals bear this name. You probably know the Komodo dragon, a giant lizard from Indonesia; or the blue dragon, a gastropod; or the flying dragon, another species of lizard.

Behind the scenes

Of course, the dragon’s lair attraction at Fantassia is for everyone. In short, thrills are guaranteed for children and adults alike. However, will you have as many as at the attraction “the dragon’s lair” at Disneyland Paris theme park ?
Moreover, we invite each visitor to observe Elliot’s eye that will follow you from your entrance to your exit from the lair to finally close like a saurian. And then it will be the end of your visit. Also, eyes filled with dreams present and future, you will return to the real world…maybe, who knows ! Because after all, who said that dragons do not exist ?

Extand the discovery

Few seconds to imagine myself at the dragon’s lair attraction

It’s already over…Would you like a souvenir ?

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The shop

A desire for a gift, a crush, a touch of curiosity ?
Figurines, books, necklaces or key chains be sure to find the item you dreamed of !

Ready for the adventure ?

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