The Merlin’s shop

Plastic dragons, fairies and unicorns on sale at the shop of Fantassia amusement park

Do you prefer dragon, unicorn, fairy or perhaps pixie?
At the fairy souvenir shop at the Fantassia amusement park you have the choice.

A little of Fantassia at home

Whether you are young or big dreamers, you will inevitably fall for a magical companion.
So, a wide range of products awaits you and even at low prices! We offer you a wide choice of fantastic figurines to decorate your home or to give as a gift. But also magnets, key rings, necklaces and fantastic books without forgetting our personalized items. And yes, dragon cups, souvenir medals or even magnets of our dragon Elliott are the few products bearing the image of the park.
The opportunity to recreate a mini Fantassia at home.

Dragons and fairies figurines at Fantassia amusement park souvenirs shop

The end of nightmares

In Fantassia, it is said that adopting a fairy being from the park would keep your children’s nightmares away. Here is the operation manual:
1/ I adopt a dragon, a unicorn, a fairy, an elf of my choice,
2/ I give him a magical name,
3/ I find a nice place for it in my room,
4/ I don’t forget to tell him stories and confide my secrets to him,
5/ If, however, I still have a nightmare, I talk about it to my magical being who will use all its powers to destroy it forever.
So, conquered?

For information, the fairy souvenir shop is freely accessible during the park opening days and times.

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