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Travel now into a miniature universe at the attraction of the explorer Gulliver… at Fantassia Park

It’s a small world

In this miniature world, you will be able to test your insight in the game “Search and Find”. On the one hand, this game consists of an easy search. On the other hand, a search sometimes very difficult. So to speak, for all small and big dreamers!

Just like the Magic Circus attraction, each scene, very fragile, is to be admired through a window. Therefore, in the darkness, music and light will accompany you in this observation test.

Patchwork with fairy, korrigans, unicorn of the Gulliver attraction, Fantassia park
Leprechaun, lucky leprechaun, at the Gulliver attraction in Fantassia Park

Where can I see him in the park ?

Location map of Gulliver attraction at Fantassia leisure park

Stay curious

Of course, the creation of these 7 scenes, where everything is patience, dexterity and meticulousness, required thousands of hours of work. It should be noted that, in the past, the building housed guinea pigs! 
Nevertheless, the management of the Fantassia park preferred to set its sights on the fairytale rather than on our great animal friends.
So that, over the seasons, fairies, dragons, unicorns and other fantastic creatures have come to populate this miniature universe. Finally, in 2015, the 7 scenes of the country of Gulliver are entirely reworked to give depth to the decor.

Creation of the miniature scenes of the Gulliver attraction at Fantassia Park

Gulliver in the Lilliputs ' world

Gulliver in the land of Lilliputs, Fantassia attraction park
Copyright : Corbis

Did you know that ?

Do you know the story of this great traveler Gulliver who discovered fabulous worlds through wonderful adventures.? It is the work of the Anglo-Irish Jonathan Swift.
Four stories for Gulliver’s 4 journeys to meet civilizations all more amazing than the others: Lilliput, the universe of very small men; Brobdingnag, the universe of giants; Laputa, Balnibarbi, Glubbdubdrib, Luggnagg and Japan, the universes of scientists and immortals; and finally Houyhnhnms, the universe of intelligent horses and humans.

Behind the scenes

We make the decorations of the park ourselves. Aude, the family artist, has used and uses resin to design and maintain Gulliver’s 7 paintings. Gulliver’s trip to the Lilliputs is highlighted at the Fantassia amusement park. Thus, each scene is very meticulous. So much so that the tweezers were even used to insert and paste very small objects. Patience, patience, it takes 4 months for the realization of a single scene!

At this attraction, be careful where you put your feet! Inadvertently, you could crush a mini elf or a mini fairy!

Extand the discovery

Discover the next attraction of Fantassia park

Elf and volcano at the Enchanted Forest attraction in Fantassia Park

The enchanted forest

A shaded attraction, soundproofed and surrounded by Mediterranean plants contains a multitude of magical stories…
An enigma game will invite the most adventurous of you to thwart the spell of witches.

Why don’t we have a picnic in Fantassia ?

Tonnelle aires de pique-nique au parc d'attractions Fantassia

Picnic areas

A few steps from the attraction of unicorns, a picnic area awaits you. A dozen tables in the shade of mimosas and albizias are available.
In addition, you can enjoy a small playground nearby if your children are giddy with excitement.

Ready for the adventure ?

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