The enchanted forest

The enchanted forest

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At the attraction the enchanted forest of the Fantassia park, wake up the adventurer who is in you !
Will you have enough courage and patience to solve the terrible spell of witches ?


At Fantassia park, the attraction the enchanted forest is shaded, soundproofed and surrounded by Mediterranean plants. It contains a multitude of magical stories.

From enigma to enigma, a giant treasure hunt will involve the oldest. While the little ones will learn to count the animals and to search on which animal the elf trainer stands.

Pictures of the hippogriff, the elf and the signage at the Enchanted Forest attraction , Fantassia theme park
Animated Witch and Black Cat at Fantassia Park, Pyrénées Orientales (66) in Occitanie

Where can I see it in the park ?

Location map of the Enchanted Forest attraction, Fantassia leisure park

Stay curious

Fantassia amusement park opened to the public in 2003. It took a titanic work of 2 years, from 2001 to 2003, to clean up the field and realize a magical course for our visitors. 
The attraction of the Enchanted Forest is full of Mediterranean plants all planted by us. Nature lovers, you will stroll here in the middle of laurels, troenes and mimosas. Thousands of drippers provide the water necessary for their development.

Planting lavender and laurel at the Enchanted Forest attraction at Fantassia park

Harry Potter and the hippogriff

Harry Potter riding the hippogriff, Fantassia amusement park
Source : Pinterest

Did you know that ?

The artist of the park, Aude, is inspired by famous fantastic films for the realization of the scenery of the attraction the Enchanted Forest.
For example, you will have winks at Narnia with the lion Aslan or Harry Potter with the hippogriff. Do you know what a hippogriff is anyway? He is a fantastic being half horse, half eagle. If you want to approach him, it is essential to look him in the eye and then bow down as a sign of respect.

Behind the scenes

Once again, the scenery of this enchanted forest attraction of the Fantassia park, was born from Aude’s imagination. In resin, hand painted and unique, they have been made on site. The creation of the decor of the hippogriff, in 2023, required 4 months of work from the design (coating of the model on paper) to the birth of the mythical animal.

In addition, each scene of the forest tells a story to the visitor. Beware, elves, fairies and woodland animals are all statufied during the day but yet wonderfully animate this place. You can admire the elves of the Laaf family from the Dutch park Efteling.   

Extand the discovery

Few second to imagine myself at the Enchanted Forest attraction

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Ready for the adventure ?

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