The Magic Circus

The Magic Circus

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Step inside the puppet tent at the Magic Circus attraction at Fantassia park…
The curtain rises, the orchestra comes alive, let the show begin !

Ladies and gentlemen…

At the attraction of the Fantassia park circus puppets, animate the scenes yourself by pressing the buttons and let yourself be drawn into the magic of the Fantassia park.

A unique 1/2 scale collection that will delight young and old dreamers.

Patchwork fées, clown et voitures de cirque Pinder, parc de loisirs Fantassia

Where can I see them in the park ?

Location map of the Magic Circus attraction, Fantassia amusement park

Stay curious

For the record, the scenes housed, at the beginning of the creation of the Fantassia park, dwarf chickens! The park was called, at that time, “Le Royaume des Lutins” (“The Kingdom of the Elves”). A quiet stroll took you to the discovery of farm animals and only facetious elves populated this magical kingdom.
Thus, with the appearance of the first automatons, in 2007, the interior was completely restructured in order to best protect this fragile collection.
As a result, all the automatons are under display and the music as well as the light games will put you in the mood.

Repair of the automatons of the circus of the Fantassia park by the creator of the amusement park

First circular track

First Astley circus track, Magic Circus attraction, Fantassia park
Copyright : Sheffield University

Did you know that ?

At the attraction of the automatons at Fantassia park, the enthusiasts will plunge back into their childhood by admiring the posters and miniature vehicles of famous circuses like Pinder or Gruss.
But did you know that the first modern circus appeared in England in 1768? A circular track, games of skill and equestrian acts laid the first step to a tradition more than a hundred years old.

Behind the scenes

It is true that this story goes back a long time. Indeed, the manufacture of puppets took place in the last century (year 1985), in a single copy, in the United Kingdom. This is why the maintenance of automated circuits is sometimes laborious! For example, a magician can no longer make his assistant disappear or a gorilla hangs on his bike or a monkey no longer dances salsa… In short, it is not uncommon for engines to make their own in this circus! But the creator of the park, Guy, ensures repairs. It is therefore with a watchmaker’s hand that, patiently, he revives the automaton and even sometimes creates new movements.

Extand the discovery

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A miniature world where patience is required to observe and search in family dragons, unicorns, fairies…
Two observation games for two levels of difficulty! Thus, young and old are involved.

Why don’t we have a picnic in Fantassia ?

Fantassia Amusement Park Picnic Areas

Picnic areas

A few steps from the attraction of the Magic Circus, a picnic area awaits you. A dozen tables in the shade of mimosas and albizias are available.
In addition, you can enjoy a small playground nearby if your children are giddy with excitement.

Ready for the adventure ?

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