The plant of the month

Climbing ivy to make shadow at Fantassia park

At the beginning of February, the ivy receives the prize for excellence at the Fantassia amusement park.
Indeed, this climbing plant has many qualities. Thus, it naturally covers the shaded areas of the park, very appreciable in summer.

Shaded areas completely redesigned

Since the creation of the Fantassia leisure park, 20 years ago, we have continued to improve it for the comfort of our visitors.
This is why, in 2024, the shaded areas of the Enchanted Forest attraction will be completely redesigned.
Indeed, the brand, covering the wooden structure and supposed to provide shadow, has deteriorated significantly over time. It is true that it was installed when the park opened to compensate for the absence of plants at that time. Over the seasons, we have planted many Mediterranean species such as ivy. Today, we would like to highlight ivy at the Fantassia amusement park. So, there is no need to replace the damaged brand since this climbing plant is starting to climb the summits! Indeed, it clings hard to the posts of the shaded areas to line the roof.
So, all we have to do is show it the way to have a 100% green roof.

Climbing ivy for shaded areas at Fantassia park

The ivy Echanted Forest

Currently, we are working at the Enchanted Forest attraction to develop the shaded areas.
Firstly, the defective brand is carefully removed (or what remains of it).
Then we install a mesh structure acting as a roof so that the ivy rests there and makes its way.
Finally, all we have to do is wait for nature to operate. Each year, ivy can grow up to 1 meter.
A natural and inexpensive shader!

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