Nothing is lost, everything is transformed

Heavy smoke of burning plants at Fantassia attraction park

It’s winter time at Fantassia leisure park.
January is the perfect month to cut the plants. And pruning also means the burning of this recyclable plant waste.

The pruning, a titanic work in winter

For your comfort, your walk is embellished with thousands of Mediterranean plants. Thus, you stroll through the alleys admiring laurels, mimosas, troines, pines and many other species.
We, the designers of the Fantassia leisure park, also plant and cut the plants. We are aware of the need to live in harmony with nature. That’s why it’s so generous with us.
Every winter, when the park closes to visitors, our gardener’s soul comes into action. We cut all hedges, prune trees, make cuttings to replace dead plants.
A work of titan since we have 1 hectare of greenery.

Burning of plant waste at Fantassia amusement park

The burning, everything becomes ashes

This green waste has to be burned.
As the climate is particularly dry, we must be extremely vigilant. Of course, the burning of plant waste takes place only in winter.
A heavy smoke then rises at the start of a fire. Don’t be afraid, we do not invoke spirits! The greener the cutting waste, the denser the smoke.
Once everything is reduced to ashes, we collect these residues to disperse them at the foot of the park plants, as a kind of renewal.
At Fantassia amusement park, nothing gets lost, everything is transformed.

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