…and a Happy New Year

Circus puppet orchestra at the Magic Circus attraction at Fantassia park

Time is coming to say goodbye to 2023 and wish you a Happy New Year. We sincerely hope that this year has filled you with wonder, that some of your dreams have come true, and that your mind is overflowing with more dreams to come true!

Thank you…since 20 years ago

The whole team park warmly thanks our biggest fans, all our visitors, all the dreamers big and small. Without you, magic would not exist.
A special thank you to our loyal visitors. For some of you, you have been pushing open the doors of our enchanted kingdom since our creation, 20 years ago!

And during 20 years, we have continued to evolve according to your desires, your tastes, and current trends. While when we opened, in 2003, you discovered prankster elves among farm animals, today, in 2023, minotaur, hippogriff, unicorns and dragons populate the place.

Leprechaun on a butterfly at Gulliver's small world attraction at Fantassia park

On the way to 2024

As 2023 is ending, know that, on the Fantassia park side, there is no shortage of projects.
The 2024 season looks promising, with new fantastic creatures, new puzzle games and exciting observation challenges. We can’t wait to reveal them to you.

Aude, the creator of the park, is teeming with ideas and is thinking about creating grandiose fantastical beings such as the phoenix or the centaur. Just like for the hippogriff created in 2023, the creation requires several months.

But before that, the entire Fantassia park team wishes you a Happy New Year and a joyful and memorable New Year’s Eve.

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