A passionate team

Fantassia attraction park family team

Behind the Fantassia amusement park it’s a family of big dreamers, a team of passionates.
We work every day to bring you dreams and magic. Let’s go !

The story begins in 2001

It’s a lifelong dream, explains its founder, Guy. In fact, almost a childhood dream.
Thus, Guy will bring his wife Françoise and his two daughters Aude and Aurore into his passion. From then on, they went to the South of France. The whole little family settled in Théza, a small village located in the Pyrénées-Orientales (66) near Perpignan in Occitanie.
First of all, you will need to acquire 5 hectares of land. Then build Fantassia park on one of these plots. Last but not least, never run out of ideas.

Repair of the automatons of the circus of the Fantassia park by the creator of the amusement park

A passionate team

The Fantassia amusement park is a very small team, a park on a family scale.
Françoise. She has a green thumb and is capable of transforming wastelands into extraordinary gardens. Everything grows in his expert hands!
Aude. She’s the amusement park artist. She makes the decorations in resin and concrete. Hippogriff, dragons, volcano and even magical trees are born between her magical fingers.
Aurore. She maintains the mysteries surrounding elves and fairies through short stories and riddles for all ages. Tales and legends come to life in his overflowing imagination.
Finally, Guy. He is the designer of the leisure park. He creates and repairs puppets of the Magic Circus in particular. A real watchmaker’s work.

Find more information on the history of the park by consulting our dedicated page.

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