I salute you Mr Hippogriff

Harry Potter hippogriff at Fantassia leisure park

In the heart of summer, a spotlight on our new attraction for the 2023 season: the majestic and fabulous hippogriff is coming among the unicorns, dragons, mermaids, fairies and other imaginary creatures of the Fantassia amusement park. Let’s discover together this mythical animal.

Half horse, half eagle

The decor of the hippogriff in Fantassia park was inspired by that of Harry Potter. So, in appearance, he has the head, front paws and wings of an eagle. Then, the body, back paws and tail of a horse. Finally, a long, sharp beak, orange eyes and centimeter-long talons. Don’t worry, the hippogriff does not feed on capricious children but on small mammals or even insects. Below you can see a photo of the making of the hippogriff decor at Fantassia park. Here, the wings, formed by the mesh, are first covered with resin before painting them.

Hippogriff wings decoration at Fantassia attraction park

I salute you Mr Hippogriff

At the Enchanted Forest attraction, his majesty the hippogriff awaits you. In the famous Harry Potter saga, the hippogriff is featured in the episode “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”. If you want to approach a hippogriff, you must look it in the eye and then bow as a sign of respect. If the hippogriff returns the greeting, you will be adopted and can then caress it and, why not, climb on its back for a trip to imaginary lands… Either way, at Fantassia amusement park, we recommend that you don’t try to approach it. This one is very wild and unpredictable!

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