3, 2, 1 ready for take-off for the 2023 season

Fantassia attraction park dream quotes

Let’s go for the launch of the 2023 season at the Fantassia attraction park. The leisure park welcomes you this year from the 8th of April  to the 5th of November .

Already 20 years of magic

Time passes but dreams are eternal… And yes, already 20 years that the Fantassia amusement park enchants young and old dreamers, passionate about unicorns, dragons, fairies and other fantastic creatures. It seems far away and yet so close this summer of 2003 when the park welcomed its first visitors. Twenty years ago, a few elves populated this enchanted kingdom among farm animals such as goats, guinea pigs, hens, … Today, the places have changed a lot. Unicorns, dragons and, this year, hippogriff now reign over the theme park. On this April 8, at the start of the 2023 season, there will always be more magic. Provided you believe it!

Santolina in bloom at Fantassia attraction park

A quiet place before the excitement

At the start of the season, the park is always more pleasant to visit. The plants are adorned with pretty flowers (especially in May), the heat is still far away, nature is rich in animal species. Especially the birds that choose this magical place to breed. Hoopoes, jays, swallows, tits are present. Very soon, summer is coming. And the heat, unfortunately increasingly strong, is damaging this ecosystem. However, at a bend in the road, the magic is still there. A child marvels, an adult takes the time. Whatever the season, the park offers you again and again your dream dose, your moment of peace before returning to the real world.

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