The magic of Harry Potter comes to Fantassia

Construction of a resin hippogriff at the Fantassia amusement park

Sharp claws, a sharp beak, wingspan, the decor of the hippogriff begins to come to life at the Fantassia attraction park at the beginning of the year 2023.

What is a hippogriff?

The hippogriff is a legendary creature with the body of a horse, the wings of an eagle born from the imagination (or not!) of ancient Greece. However, be careful not to confuse it with its marvelous colleague, the griffin. This one also has the head, claws and wings of an eagle but the legs, tail and abdomen of a lion. In myths and legends, it is said that when approaching a hippogriff, it is essential to look it in the eye. Then to bow down to prove his good intentions. If the hippogryph bows in turn, you will have his full confidence. So maybe you can tame it. Who has never dreamed of climbing on the wings of fantastic creatures?

Making a hippogriff's claws at Fantassia amusement park

Harry Potter, source of inspiration

From 2023, at the Enchanted Forest attraction, you will therefore have the pleasure of discovering the setting of the hippogriff. The creators of the Fantassia amusement park were very strongly inspired by the famous Harry Potter saga. In this fantastic story, the hippogriff was popularized and thus made famous. A mold is made on the body of a unicorn of the park to reproduce the animal’s rump. While the beak, head and claws are manually shaped from photo models or children’s toys. It takes 2 months of work from design to the final touch of paint to get such a creature out of the ground. In short, come and admire it, the decor of the hippogriff is the new attraction of the park in 2023!

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