Hérisson qui dort, parc de loisirs Fantassia

How is Paulo, the baby hedgehog found at the beginning of July in the paths of the Fantassia leisure park?

I sleep a lot and mop at night

Little Paulo lives in a 5-star hotel! We have set up a cozy nest for him in our organic vegetable garden, outside the park. So don’t be surprised if you don’t meet him during your walk. This baby hedgehog needs peace and rest. Indeed, he sleeps all day and only activates at night, in the cool. We have concocted a cozy nest for him in a box, safe from wasps and other predators. But above all to prevent it from escaping and getting lost! And yes, Paulo, at first, went on an adventure in the big garden. Found starving by our cat for the first time and then by our dog, we now prefer to keep it in a cocoon until it reaches maturity.

Hérisson dans sa boîte, parc Fantassia

Beware, hedgehogs in danger of extinction

Unfortunately, like far too many animal and plant species, hedgehogs are on the verge of extinction. It is estimated that a third of them have disappeared in the space of 20 years. In question, the man of course! Disappearance of hedges, sources of shelter, disappearance of insects, sources of food, use of chemical products, roadside crushing, our poor hedgehogs have a tough life. So, if you come across one in your garden, avoid mowing too often or picking up dead leaves because our hedgehogs camouflage themselves in this vegetation. 

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